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Pegasus Publishing :: Apparel :: Cthulhu-Lovecraft :: Indescribable Thing

Indescribable Thing

Indescribable Thing Shirt
There are things in the universe that you just can't describe. Like this thing which is diabolical, unnatural, tenebrous, loping, grisly, mocking, ensanguined, croaking, bestial, forbidden, tentacled, abominable, malignant, brooding, festering, misshapen, lurking, chaotic, foetid, grotesque, leering, mountainous, scaly, unspeakable, wretched, bulging, cachinnating, flabby, ineffable, mould-caked, putrid, slippery, unutterable, acrid, daemoniac, eldritch, gnawing, immemorial, noxious, reeking, stygian, unwholesome, writhing, alien, colossal, detestable, fulgorous, ghoulish, immense, monstrous, nameless, shapeless, unholy, vast, abnormal, damnable, fiendish, gibbering, hellish, inconceivable, phantasmal, slavering, unhallowed, accursed, corrupt, drooling, gangrenous, immeasurable, noisome, ravening, slithering, unclean, abhorrent, decaying, gibbous, leprous, nefandous, seething, venomous, blashpheming, cosmic, ghastly, lumbering, pustulent, slimy, uncanny, amorphous, cyclopean, diseased, gelatinous, hideous, loathsome, nightmarish, rotting, spectral, titan, bleating, and charnel. Well, I guess you could describe it like that... but, the point is, you don't want it to come knocking at your madhouse door. This shirt is a humorous homage to the writings of H.P. Lovecraft and his many unnameable things.
Front Print on 100% cotton Black Shirt.

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SKU 744146-Indescribible1
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Price: $20.00

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